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Screening & Diagnosis

Pairing State-of-the-Art Technology with a World-Class Medical Staff

At Jupiter Medical Center’s Margaret W. Niedland Breast Center, we offer an array of screening and diagnostic services designed to detect breast anomalies quickly and accurately. Our state-of-the-art center has been recognized as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology, and we continue to invest in the latest technology and techniques to ensure a quality patient experience.

Our team of diagnostic radiology breast imaging specialists and supporting clinicians understands how nerve-wracking awaiting test results can be, which is why we leverage industry-leading technologies and create expedited procedures to provide results as quickly as possible. In most cases, we can even offer same-day mammography results

Our screening and diagnostic services include:

  • 3D Mammography: Unlike traditional mammography methods, which creates a flat image and can sometimes miss masses in dense breast tissue, our radiologists utilize 3-D mammography, or tomosynthesis, to generate the highest resolution images that allow us to examine breast tissue layer by layer, one millimeter at a time—decreasing the need for patients to return for additional imaging or unnecessary biopsies. The 3D Mammography Quorum Imaging Technology, powered by Genius AI, also offers an ergonomic design and a low radiation dose from its advanced detector technology to provide both comfort and peace of mind.
  • 3D Contrast-Enhanced Mammography (CEM): Contrast-Enhanced Mammography uses an IV contrast dye injected several minutes before a standard 3D mammogram. Cancerous cells typically have more blood flowing through them, and the contrast dye highlights that activity, helping radiologists identify, differentiate and stage cancerous cells and tumors from surrounding dense but healthy tissue. CEM is the ideal technologic approach for women with very dense breasts, women whose mammograms are problematic if they have already been treated for cancer, and women who cannot tolerate an MRI because of claustrophobia, presence of a pacemaker, weight, or other factors. CEM can also be useful to track the impact and effectiveness of chemotherapy treatments.
  • Ultrasound: This noninvasive and widely available screening procedure is useful for viewing changes in breast tissue. It is also an effective diagnostic tool when used in tandem with a mammogram to either provide deeper insight after a problem is detected—such as telling the difference between a fluid-filled cyst and a solid mass—or evaluate areas that can be difficult to see with a mammogram alone, like the area closest to the chest wall. It can also be utilized to help guide radiologists during procedures such as biopsies.
  • Breast MRI: Going beyond conventional breast imaging, our specialized, breast MRI system produces incredibly detailed, cross-sectional pictures of breast tissue to provide your physician with more insight into diagnosis. It can aid in identifying tumors that other exams might fail to detect, screen women at high risk for breast cancer, and monitor for recurrence after breast cancer treatment. Our state-of-the-art system not only offers the widest patient opening available for a comfortable exam but also utilizes the Caring Suite system, which gives you complete control of your environment—including lighting and music selection. For the optimum patient experience, we are also equipped to perform MRI-guided biopsies whenever needed.
  • Genetic Counseling and Testing: At Jupiter Medical Center’s Cancer Genetics and High Risk Program, we offer genetic screening and genetic testing to help you evaluate your cancer risk. We also employ a certified cancer genetics specialist to help educate and advise patients and their families about identifying and managing inherited cancer risk. If you are at increased risk, we will work with you to develop strategies to reduce or manage your risk, including lifestyle changes, increased screenings and surveillance, medication management, and in some cases, preventative surgery.
  • Minimally Invasive Biopsies: If there is any abnormality or area of suspicion in one of your breasts your health care provider might recommend a biopsy. This involves removing a small sample of tissue so a pathologist can review the anomaly more thoroughly. While biopsies can be unsettling, having one prescribed does not mean you have breast cancer, with many biopsy results indicating noncancerous, and non-life-threatening, breast conditions. Our center is equipped to provide several breast biopsy options, including fine-need aspiration, core needle, vacuum-assisted core, and open (surgical) biopsy.
  • 3-D Biopsy: In addition to our other minimally invasive biopsy options, our world-class center is one of the first in the area to offer breast 3-D mammography biopsies. By pairing the new Affirm breast biopsy guidance system with the Selenia Dimensions breast tomosynthesis system, our radiologists are able to locate and target regions of interest for biopsy.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, or need to schedule an appointment, call our team today at 561-263-4414, or fill out our online contact form.

The Margaret W. Niedland Breast Center Offers Comprehensive Screening, Diagnostics & Care

Putting Your Health & Overall Well-Being First

When you choose Jupiter Medical Center’s Margaret W. Niedland Breast Center for your breast screening and diagnosis, you gain a dedicated team of specialists committed to providing you with the highest quality care possible, including:

  • Board-certified and fellowship-trained diagnostic radiologists who are breast imaging specialists
  • Certified mammography technologists
  • Certified cancer genetics risk assessment specialist
  • Patient navigators

Our goal is to provide answers as quickly and accurately as possible, so if intervention is needed, you can start the process right away. Our advanced technologies, state-of-the-art center, and knowledgeable team have made us a trusted name in breast health.

We have full accreditation from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). Additionally, The American College of Radiology (ACR) has accredited our center. As a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence.

Our team is happy to answer any of your questions and coordinate an appointment. Call us at 561-575-2000 to speak with one of our representatives.

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