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Heart Failure Treatment

Discover Novel Treatments for Heart Failure

Jupiter Medical Center’s Options Improve Heart’s Ability to Pump Blood

Fatigue. Shortness of breath. Fainting. Swelling of the arms and legs.

When underlying diseases or lifestyle factors inhibit the heart’s ability to pump blood efficiently throughout the body, patients who experience symptoms of heart failure are often urged to eat healthier foods, exercise, take medications, or rely on a pacemaker to improve their heart’s performance and pumping ability.

Traditional implants, such as electronic pacemakers, can often correct the heart’s rhythm and synchronize contractions to help improve cardiac performance in people with heart failure.

But when medications and other traditional treatments do not resolve symptoms or the heart’s performance, an innovative technology called cardiac contractility modulation (CMM) accomplishes what a pacemaker cannot do: boosts the heart’s ability to pump blood forcefully throughout the body.

Jupiter Medical Center was the first South Florida Hospital to treat patients with CCM, an ideal option provided by the hospital’s electrophysiology team. CCM therapy can help patients feel better and resume doing the things they love.

Learn more about heart failure —including causes, symptoms, diagnosis, tests, recommended lifestyle changes, medications, surgical options, and more — in this video).

How CCM Therapy Works

Similar in size to a small pacemaker, the CCM Optimizer® device is implanted under the skin of the patient’s upper chest during a minimally invasive procedure that requires only light sedation. Electrical leads are placed in the heart’s right ventricle.

After surgery, the implanted device sends regularly timed and precisely calibrated electrical pulses to the heart muscle to improve its ability to contract and pump blood throughout the body.

Could CCM Therapy be an Option for You?

Answer these questions and follow up with your physician if you answer "yes".

  • Have you been diagnosed with heart failure by a doctor?
  • Are you taking medications prescribed by your doctor to help improve your heart failure symptoms?
  • Despite taking your medications, do the symptoms of heart failure (breathlessness, fatigue, confusion, and swelling in the legs, etc.) prevent you from doing everyday things?
  • Despite medication or device-based therapies, do you want even higher quality of life?

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