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Explore Our Health Library to Improve Your Patient IQ and Heart Health

Of course you want the best possible care for your heart! Ensure that you and the members of your Jupiter Medical Center cardiac team make the right decisions together.

Start your journey to a healthier heart by exploring the extensive resources in the Jupiter Medical Center health library for patients.

How does your heart work? What causes it to malfunction? What’s the state of your health and lifestyle right now? What changes can you adopt to improve heart health? If you develop heart disease, which medical intervention(s) are available, and which ones might be right for you?

  • Start with Wellness: Begin your journey in our Healthy Living section. Here you’ll find wellness tips about blood pressure, cholesterol, fitness, nutrition, smoking cessation and stress management.
  • Assess yourself: Take advantage of Helpful Tools in a variety of formats —calculators, quizzes, risk assessments, and an extensive video library — to evaluate your current health, identify risk factors, and learn how expert medical care and ever-changing interventions can improve your health.
  • Explore nutrition and overall wellness: How’s your diet? What do you know about nutrition and health? Do you understand your current diagnoses and ailments? Visit our Nutrition and General Wellness for recipes, nutrition facts by food category, and facts about specific diseases, treatments and options for improved health.
  • Our Adult Health Library offers information, insights and guidance on a variety of diseases and diagnoses. Search for a particular topic, or search by category, including a special topic index for cardiovascular diseases.

A smarter you can lead to a healthier you. Ask questions, do your own research, and work closely with your expert cardiovascular team at Jupiter Medical Center for the best possible healthcare in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast.

To speak to our cardiac valve clinic coordinator, call Jennifer Christensen, BSN, RN, RT(N), at 561-263-3767.

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