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Advanced Body Composition (ABC)

You see a number on the scale, but what does it really mean? Is your diet or personal training plan working? Let us help you find out. Jupiter Medical offers an advanced body composition scan that can tell you the distribution of your fat mass, lean muscle tissue and bone mass.

It's As Easy As ABC

Scales are misleading as body weight is comprised of muscle, fat and bone all added together. An Advanced Body Composition (ABC) Scan determines your exact body composition value by measuring fat mass index which is more accurate than body mass index. There is simply no better way to evaluate metabolic and obesity related health risks.

An ABC scan provides very high-resolution images and is the only system that incorporates a whole body composition reference database of thousands of U.S. adults to allow comparison with other individuals of similar age, gender, and race. A physician prescription is required for this test.

For more information about Advanced Body Composition, contact Gail Cooper-Parks, RN, Health Navigator at 561-263-4437.

Defining Weight Loss

Weight loss doesn’t always mean fat loss. With a beneficial weight loss and exercise plan, we want to keep calorie-burning muscle and lose only the fat. Knowing your body fat percentage and body composition helps you determine if your weight loss and muscle building goals are realistic.

This advanced technology uses our state of the art DXA Scanner. It is painless and takes just minutes to complete. This scan is excellent for tracking change. Images and numbers are stored and when the scan is repeated it can show how your body has changed after a weight loss or exercise program.

The Best Part!

Advanced Body Composition Scans are quick, easy, cost effective, and accessible to everyone. The report is yours to keep, or share with your doctor, personal trainer, and/or your dietitian.

Information is power and once your see your body as it is, you will be able to take specific steps to shape it into the body you want it to be!

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