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Lung Cancer

Choose nationally recognized experts at Jupiter Medical Center

Patients diagnosed with lung cancer or other lung diseases find highly trained specialists, innovative treatments and technologies, world-class healthcare facilities, comprehensive support from patient navigators and peace of mind at Jupiter Medical Center.

Without traveling far from their Palm Beach County and Treasure Coast homes and families, patients benefit from industry-recognized, leading-edge care and the compassionate expertise of talented clinicians specializing in lung cancer, lung disease and thoracic surgery.

Our goal is simple and powerful: offer a range of individualized treatments and services that result in reassuring decisions about treatment options. Lung patients at The Anderson Family Cancer Institute experience innovative and minimally invasive treatments designed to result in shorter hospital stays, less post-operative/post-treatment pain, and a faster return to good health, independence and everyday activities — with expert team members available for follow-up care, monitoring and patient/family support.

Thoracic Multidisciplinary Clinic

Our Thoracic Multidisciplinary Clinic (MDC) brings together a team of specialists who provide a comprehensive approach to the evaluation and treatment of patients with cancer and other diseases of the lung, esophagus and chest. To ease patients’ concerns about delayed appointments and treatment, MDC schedules patients with multiple specialists in a single day at one location to gather clinical data that otherwise would take several weeks. The MDC expedites the development and implementation of a personalized treatment plan, and offers innovative diagnostic and therapeutic strategies specific to each individual.

Breakthrough Lung Care at Jupiter Medical Center

Our specialists offer breakthrough treatments for lung cancer and other respiratory diseases, including:

  • Thoracic surgery innovations that improve survival for patients with lung cancer and other forms of lung disease
  • Bio-molecular and immunotherapy protocols that result in personalized and targeted treatments, fewer side effects and improved outcomes for patients with advanced cancers
  • Improved diagnostic technologies and screening protocols that detect cancer early, when treatment is more effective

Nationally Recognized Cancer Screening, Treatments & Care

The institute’s specialists are nationally recognized for progressive technologies and expertise in lung cancer screening and treatment. Accolades include:

  • A designated Lung Cancer Screening Center of Excellence — status earned from the American College of Radiology and the Lung Cancer Alliance —
  • A U.S. News & World Report-ranked “high-performing hospital” for lung cancer surgery 2022-23

The Latest Cancer Treatments … Close to Home

Patients take comfort in the personalized attention and care they receive from the multidisciplinary team at our Thoracic Surgery and Lung Center of Excellence.

Patient navigators work closely with each patient and family to provide support through education, communication, scheduling logistics and follow-up care — an approach documented in the Journal of Clinical Oncology as resulting in better patient care and fewer problems.

Our specialists’ multi-phased approach to lung cancer diagnosis and treatment includes:

  • Interventional pulmonology: Advanced, minimally invasive techniques powered by robotics to identify and visualize suspicious cells/tissues, screen patients more precisely, access and biopsy previously unreachable tissues, and identify and deploy targeted, latest treatments based on findings. Technologies include bronchoscopy, endobronchial ultrasound, CT lung screening and the expertise of the Lung Nodule Clinic staff to determine if lung nodules identified by scans or other tests are cancerous or linked to other diseases.
  • Interventional and medical oncology: Standard cancer treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. The center’s experts follow the 31-center National Comprehensive Cancer Network’s (NCCN) protocols for chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy and hormonal therapy based on each patient’s specific diagnosis, genetic profile, test results and cancer type. Jupiter’s oncologists specialize in innovative technologies and treatments, including da Vinci® robotic surgery, endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS), ION robot-assisted bronchoscopy, radio frequency and chemoablation, stereotactic body radiation and other leading-edge modalities. Learn more.
  • Radiation oncology: Various radiation treatments that include 3D conformal radiation and CyberKnife MN™ radiosurgery to delivery specifically targeted radiation to cancer tissue, and TrueBeam™ radiotherapy that combines radiation and motion management technology to treat remote, difficult-to-reach tumors. Learn more.

Specialized Care: Women’s Lung Health Program and Lung Nodule Clinic

Two patient groups – women and anyone diagnosed with nodules in the lungs — receive attention and care from the institute’s specialized services.

  • Women’s Lung Health Program connects women with a dedicated patient navigator to educate them about lung cancer risks, screening and a personalized plan to monitor risk factors and lung health. The program is designed for women who have never smoked; those with a family history of lung cancer or other factors, including work in high-risk occupations (factories, food preparation involving vaporized oils/stir-fry cooking, hair/nail salons); exposure to secondhand smoke or radon, or previous radiation exposure.
  • Lung Nodule Clinic leverages various screening tests to determine if lung nodules are cancerous and require care from our cancer specialists, or whether nodules are noncancerous and require care from our lung specialists.

What sets Jupiter Medical Center apart? Our personalized, compassionate approach to patient care. Find out how we do it, and how you and your family can benefit from support at every stage of your cancer journey. Learn more.