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Gynecologic Oncology Program

Our Gynecologic Oncology Program at Jupiter Medical Center provides you with a team of specialists who work with you to fight the disease with modern and personalized solutions in Palm Beach County, the Treasure Coast, and throughout South Florida. Our providers have extensive training and experience in the early detection and treatment of gynecologic cancer, and we are dedicated to your health and well-being throughout your time with us.
We understand how each person’s situation is unique and you can expect care plans tailored to your specific needs.

Our physicians offer educational resources to help you make informed choices for your care. Our treatment options include chemotherapy, radiation oncology, and minimally invasive robotic surgery.

To support your mental and emotional health during your journey, we offer complimentary patient navigator services to simplify paperwork, keep your various physicians updated, and answer any questions you may have about your treatment. This way, you can focus on beating cancer.

Jupiter Medical Center can treat a wide range of gynecological cancers, such as:

  • Cervical cancer
  • Fallopian tube cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Uterine and endometrial cancer
  • Vaginal cancer
  • Vulvar cancer

When you trust us with your gynecological cancer care, you have access to additional resources such as compassionate counselors, support groups, integrative medicine services, dietitians, and cancer rehabilitation specialists. We approach oncologic care in a comprehensive manner where we support your physical, mental, and emotional health.

If you are looking for excellent medical care for gynecological cancer, reach out to Jupiter Medical Center today at 561-263-4400 to schedule an appointment.

Innovative Surgery Options for Gynecological Cancers

Surgery can be an effective treatment option for gynecologic cancers. At Jupiter Medical Center, we provide patients with state-of-the-art, minimally invasive surgical options, including laparoscopic surgery, vaginal surgery, and robotic-assisted surgery.

Our specialists use the da Vinci Robotic-Assisted Surgery System® to perform delicate gynecologic surgeries thanks to the robotic tiny instruments. We can opt for a single-site approach, which is a minimally invasive procedure that only requires one incision through the belly button and leaves no visible scar. It also reduces the risk of blood loss, wound infection, and pain.

Procedures we can use the da Vinci Surgery System for include:

  • Hysterectomy. The surgical removal of the uterus can help patients with benign conditions or early-stage gynecologic cancers.
  • Myomectomy. The surgical removal of fibroid tumors can preserve the uterus.
  • Sacrocolpopexy. This procedure can correct vaginal vault prolapse after a hysterectomy. It typically uses mesh to hold the vagina in the appropriate anatomical position for long-term support.

Potential benefits of robotic-assisted surgery include:

  • Faster recovery
  • Less pain
  • Smaller incisions
  • Early return to normal daily activities
  • Shorter hospital stay

If your care team recommends surgery, we can walk you through the process and address any concerns you may have, so you have a clear understanding of what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. We provide you with detailed pre-operative and post-operative care instructions.

If you have been diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer, contact Jupiter Medical Center today at 561-263-4400 to schedule a consultation. Next Day appointments are available.

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