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An X-ray (radiograph) uses low-dose radiation to produce quick, painless, and relatively inexpensive images of the internal structures of the body. Some X-ray procedures require ingesting or injecting a radiopaque substance that helps to visualize internal organs. These X-ray images are produced with Jupiter Medical Center stationary and/or portable digital imaging equipment.

Digital X-rays collect data on a computer instead of on a piece of film. Images can be computer-enhanced, magnified and viewed in real-time with our fluoroscopic imaging devices, such as our state-of-the-art, GE Precision 500D Radiography and Fluoroscopy machine.

Preparing for Your X-ray

X-rays are safe and are one of the most useful tools a physician has in determining a diagnosis and/or treatment. Ordering physicians are able to view X-ray images on any computer in the hospital or in their offices via a restricted internet portal. If requested, images can also be burned onto CD’s.

If you are scheduled for an X-ray exam, please review the Patient Preparation Sheet, complete the CT & X-ray Risk Assessment Sheet and the Medication Reconciliation Sheet.

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