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What Is a MRI?

MRI uses a large magnetic field, radio frequency and a computer to provide highly accurate images of the body. The areas of the body usually examined are the head, spine, all joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. MRI is superior to other imaging techniques when examining soft tissue areas in the body.

MRI Tests at Jupiter Medical Center

Jupiter Medical Center has the latest leading-edge technology. Our magnet has the widest opening for patient comfort among "high-field" strength. Exam times are much shorter and quality is much higher than "low-field" magnets. Jupiter Medical Center uses MRI scanners to take pictures (with very high resolution) of your body. These images give your physician important information in diagnosing your medical condition and planning a course of treatment.

Our American College of Radiology-accredited high-field MRI allows us to perform specialized procedures such as MRAs, contrast angiography, renal studies, run-offs, diffusion for stroke detection, and perfusion for blood flow studies. With the high-field magnet, better resolution is obtained, which means better image quality in less time than low-field magnets. A Registered Nurse is available to assist, monitor, and sedate patients if needed or requested. Extended hours and weekend appointments are also available for patient convenience.

MRI Safety

MRI uses a very strong magnetic field that can be very hazardous to patients with certain metallic implants. To ensure your safety, we will need to ask some very specific questions to prevent any harm to you. Please print, complete and bring Safety Screening Form with you the day of your MRI appointment.

If you have experienced anxiety in the past from being in close places, please contact your ordering physician for any type of anti-anxiety medication that you may need prior to your MRI exam.


Jupiter Medical Center offers two MRI systems for your imaging convenience: GE Hdxt 1.5 MR Scanner, which is a high-performance, clinically proven scanner. The Signa HD 1.5T ensures a confident diagnosis for every patient.

Signa HDxt 1.5T further supercharges HD performance with lightning speed, superb image quality and unique premium clinical applications.

Jupiter Medical Center’s MRI strengthens our Margaret W. Niedland Comprehensive Breast Center by offering the state-of-the-art Sentinelle dedicated breast imaging table. The Sentinelle Vanguard breast MRI coil systems have been designed from the ground up to achieve clinical excellence and solve the real world problems radiologists, technologists, and oncologists encounter in their efforts for earlier detection and better treatment of breast cancer.

Jupiter Outpatient Imaging

Jupiter Medical Center recently added the Optima MR450w 1.5T with GEM Suite coil technology to its imaging services. As one of the best pieces of medical equipment available, this advanced system from GE Healthcare’s wider bore helps enhance the patient experience, making for a more comfortable and relaxed exam.

If you are scheduled for an MRI please review the MRI Patient Preparation Information, complete the Safety Screening Form, the MRI Contrast Screening Form and Medication Reconciliation Sheet.

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