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Visiting Hours

Effective September 26, 2022

Visiting Hours are from 8am to 8pm.

Anyone who is not feeling well or with possible COVID-19 symptoms should not visit.

Visitors must clean hands upon entry, sanitizers and masks are available.

CDC mask recommendations for Palm Beach County have been lowered to medium community risk level, individuals are recommended to wear a mask if they are at high risk of serious illness, are immunocompromised, or live/visit with someone with these conditions.

We will no longer limit the age of children visiting

New JMC Masking Requirements

Masking will be optional in all common areas, including nursing stations

Visitors to patient rooms where patient care is being performed must always wear a mask.

Patients being transported throughout the hospital must wear a mask.

COVID patients or suspected COVID patients

Visits are limited to two visitors/caregivers per patient, 8 a.m.–9 p.m. for two hours per day.

No visiting restrictions for end-of-life situations.

Visitors must not:

  • stand in the doorway, door must remain closed.
  • eat or drink while in the patient room.
  • visit patients if you are at high risk for severe illness from COVID-19, such as older adults and those with underlying medical conditions.

Visitors must:

  • understand that there are potential risks associated with providing care and or visiting patients with COVID-19.
  • report to nurses’ station upon arrival to the unit to meet with Charge RN to review, assist and provide N95 mask.
  • always wear a mask, including in the patient room.
  • only visit the patient they intend to and should not go to other locations in the facility.
  • always remain with the patient and comply with N95 provided to you.

Visitors must remain in the patient’s room except:

  • to use the restroom
  • to get something to eat or drink outside of the patient’s room
  • when directed by the care team to exit the room
  • to leave for the day (let the charge RN know)
  • during aerosol generating treatment procedures

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Maternity Visitation

  • During labor and delivery, all non-covid patients may have 2 adult visitors. No swap-outs allowed.
  • Doulas are permitted and are not counted as one of the visitors.
  • After delivery, all non-covid patients may have 2 visitors over the age of 5, during regular visiting hours. Swap-outs are permitted, with only 2 guests at one time. One adult may stay the night.
  • Quiet hours are between 2pm - 4pm, and we ask that you do not visit during this time
  • Visitors may utilize the Cafeteria, Coffee Shop, or Gift Shop
  • A Covid test is required for all scheduled labor inductions and C-Sections. Your provider will provide you more details.
  • A rapid Covid test may be ordered when you arrive in labor depending on certain circumstances.
  • Patients with a positive Covid test are only permitted one visitor who will remain in the patient room throughout the stay.

Hospital Entrance

All visitors are now being directed to enter the hospital through the East Entrance.

Visitors who are sick are not permitted to enter the hospital, without exception.