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Explore Traditional Hip Replacement

During hip replacement surgery, the surgeon removes a painful hip joint and replaces it with an artificial joint. The goal is to relieve pain and enable you to walk and move with ease, aided by a new hip joint made of metal or plastic components.

Learn more about traditional hip replacement surgery here.

What to Expect From Traditional Hip Replacement

Arthritis or a broken hip are the most common reasons for traditional hip replacement. The orthopedic team’s goal is to get you back on your feet as soon as possible, able to experience pain-free movement and the activities you once enjoyed

You and your surgeon will decide when the time is right for traditional hip replacement surgery.

Explore Mako SmartRobotics™Total Hip Replacement

Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery total hip replacement is a treatment option for those living with degenerative joint disease (DJD), a condition that can limit an active lifestyle and negatively impact your quality of life. The innovative Mako technology allows your surgeon to create and precisely place a hip joint that is crafted for your unique, specific anatomy.

If your pain and symptoms do not respond to first-line, non-surgical solutions, speak with your doctor about options for total hip replacement.

Mako Technology: Hip Surgery Tailored to Each Patient

Mako SmartRobotics™ is an innovative, hip replacement solution for those suffering with painful DJD of the hip. Powered by the RIO® Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System, your surgeon can treat your specific hip condition with anatomical accuracy and precision.

The Mako procedure starts with a CT scan of your hip 1-2 weeks before your surgery. The RIO software creates a 3-D model of your hip, pelvis and femur. The information creates a map that helps your surgeon replaced your ailing hip with a new hip that is designed specifically for your unique anatomy.

During surgery, the RIO software provides real-time information to help the surgeon place and align your implant in the ideal position, while a robotic arm prepares the bone socket and guides the precise placement of your implants.

Experience the Benefits of Mako Total Hip Replacement

  • Accurate placement of your hip implant via the surgeon-controlled robotic arm system
  • Reduced likelihood of hip dislocation
  • More consistency in leg length and symmetry, potentially lessening the need for a shoe lift
  • Decreased risk of the implant and bone rubbing together abnormally, a benefit that may improve the life of the implant

You and your surgeon will decide when the time is right for Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery.