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Childbirth Education

Cesarean sections (C-sections) can be important and even lifesaving in some circumstances. However, studies have also found that overuse of C-sections may result in harm and poor outcomes for mothers and babies. Many C-sections can be avoided.

Having a C-section is major surgery. C-sections mean more chances for complications, like infections and heavy blood loss. They also take longer for mothers to heal.

Sometimes C-sections are needed. But some hospitals are quicker to perform C-sections than others, even when they could have been avoided.

We encourage you to educate yourself. Please view these videos and learn how you can reduce your chances of having a C-section unless it’s really needed.

Your voice matters. Let your doctor know that you only want a C-section if it’s absolutely necessary. By taking steps early, you can make a difference for you and your baby.

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Maternity Resources

Lactation and Postpartum Support in Jupiter

You don’t have to face lactation or postpartum issues alone. Having the support of others is important. Our OB Support Group provides a warm and caring atmosphere where women share knowledge, experiences and give emotional support to each other.

Due to Covid the group is temporarily suspended. For lactation or postpartum issues please contact our OB Educator at 561-263-2676.

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